buying used vans

9 Considerations When Buying Used Vans

If you are on a search for a used van, we will give you our top pointers so you can make the right decision. You need to be armed with enough information so you will get only the best possible used van finance deals out there.

But a word of caution before we begin. Finding the most apt vehicle will not be easy. It will require diligence because you need to watch out for things like possible repairs, maintenance history, and the like. 

You want one that will be dependable for the needs of your family or business. Thus, you need to go the extra mile and double-check everything. Ask many questions and inspect every detail. Request for documents if necessary.

Here is our comprehensive list that will guide your purchase:

  1. Financing options

A used van is an economical option for people looking to stretch their budget. 

There is a popular misconception that you cannot get good quality second-hand vehicles. People often think that just because somebody previously owned them, these have been overused already. But this is an obsolete perspective on the matter.

Sometimes, people just want to upgrade. Others, meanwhile, move out of the country so they need to sell their vans. For some people, financial lack drives them to sell their vehicles that are in perfect condition.

So what you need to do is find a provider who can give you a wide array of options. If the company can provide flexible payment schemes, all the better. Some even arrange for what is called “rent-to-buy” schemes.

Make sure you explore the best used van finance deals in the market.

Used Vans Finance options

Customer service

This part is often overlooked by most buyers. But when making a major purchase, it is not always only about the item itself.

You need to be able to trust the person or company you will be buying from. Why? Buying a used van entails a lot of considerations and they need to be able to be patient in assisting you. 

For sure, you have a lot of questions about the van and its cost. This is perfectly acceptable. They should be fine with an inquisitive customer like you.

  1. Interior

The basic advantage of having a van is space. As such, when you enter the vehicle, you must be able to fit whatever material you want it to carry. Also, you need to check how many people can sit inside. 

Are you satisfied with the headspace? Are the windows, seatbelts, and lights working? Are there significant scratches or damage?

  1. Load

Another important aspect of the van you need to carefully check is its “payload”. This term refers to the total weight a vehicle can safely carry. We want to emphasize safety in this consideration as well.

It is not just about how heavy the passengers and load are. It is also about bringing them safely from one place to another.

  1. Suspension

To ensure a quality ride, check if the van’s tires, springs, shock absorbers, and mechanical linkages are in good condition. A vehicle’s suspension system helps protect the van from damage. 

  1. Engine

Since you are carrying a large vehicle, you need to look for two things. 

Number one is the power of the engine. Is it strong enough to carry the vehicle considering the kind of load and the number of passengers you want it to carry?

Number two is the health of the engine. Is it still in good condition? Has it already been repaired before? What are its previous problems? 

This is a crucial part of your selection process so take your time in inspecting the van’s engine.

  1. Air Conditioning

You and your driver/s must be able to operate your van in any weather condition. Check both its cooling functions and heater. It will be good to inspect also if the fans are all working. 

If you need assistance from a mechanic on this, get help.

  1. Features

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with creative features to make driving a van more comfortable and convenient. Before choosing your preferred vans, check online if there are specific upgrades that you are looking for.

Do you want LED interior lighting? What about Bluetooth connectivity? Are you particular with roof rails? You can also check if the van is equipped with a vehicle tracking, navigation system, and/or safety camera.

These may seem minor details for some people. But if you can get them in a van for a good price, it won’t hurt to have them.

  1. Body condition

When you look at the van, do you feel at ease with it? Do you like what you see? This is important as your goal is that you will be using your vehicle for a long time.

After looking at it from afar, inspect the car at a closer range. Look for scratches and dents. You need to assess if you are comfortable with them. Check also if they can be easily cleaned or repaired.

Another major thing you need to look for is rust as it can mean corrosion in some other unseen parts of the vehicle. Check also if the doors feel right when you open and close them. Further, inspect the van’s paint in direct sunlight.


You can still buy a great van even if it is already pre-owned. If you exercise wisdom and care, you can find both the best vehicle and the best used van finance deals available.