Man showing van key - how to Buy A Van With A Poor Credit History

How To Buy A Van With A Poor Credit History

Are you looking for poor credit van finance? A poor credit rating is disheartening and may stop you from finding the best financing options available. If you have a bad credit score but still want to apply for a loan, you’re in the right place.

Here at Used Van Finance Deals, we believe that nobody should be inhibited from getting quality used vans just because of a low credit score. 

With Used Van Finance Deals’ van finance, we can help you find the vehicle that suits your needs. After initial checks, we can talk about your financing options and you can pick from thousands of used vans with no deposit or guarantor.

I Have A Low Credit Score — What Do I Do?

Having a high credit score is convenient. However, there are steps that you can take to get financing even with a low rating.

Knowing your credit score is a good starting point when searching for financing. Once you know your credit rating and look into your file, your financer can look at the best options for you.

When you have your file and credit score, you can contact us. We can talk about your financing options and vehicle choices. After the discussions and background checks, we can create a tailored repayment plan to make the installments easy and achievable.

Can I Get Bad Credit Van Financing If I Am A Self-Employed Worker?

Yes, you can still get van financing. Although being a self-employed worker usually poses challenges when it comes to loans, it is still possible for you to receive financing.

Self-employed workers usually get turned down because of inconsistent cash flows. As such, it is often difficult to get used car financing or any type of loan.

Having an inconsistent income usually means that you will have difficulty paying back the loan regularly. This situation makes it hard for lenders to provide financing because they are unsure if they can get their money back.

However, we at Used Van Finance Deals look at the bigger picture. We can look past your credit score and provide you with the best options in the market, especially if a van is necessary for your business.

How Do I Apply For A Used Van Financing?

To apply for used van financing, all you have to do is contact us. On your visit, we can talk about your income and cash flows and determine how much you can afford.

Afterward, we can talk about and set up a repayment plan. That way, the financing and the repayment are simple and achievable.

We specialize in helping people get the vehicles they need. With that said, we make the process simple and convenient.

Do You Offer Used Van Financing On Hire Purchase?

Yes, we offer used vans on hire purchase. You can get a vehicle on hire purchase if you pass a certain set of criteria.

A hire purchase is a great idea not only for people with low credit ratings but also for self-employed workers. Hire purchasing means that you are buying a van and driving with it despite not paying in full.

Although you will have to pay an initial deposit, you can immediately use the car until it is fully paid off. You can pay the vehicle off in monthly installments.

Once the contract is up and you complete payments, you will have 100% ownership of the vehicle.

Will You Consider People Even If They Have A Poor Credit History?

We understand that it is difficult to get financing with a poor credit history. That is why Used Van Finance Deals focuses on offering solutions, not adding problems.

We can and will consider you even if you have a poor credit history. All we have to do is to proceed with the applications and, once you meet certain criteria, approve your financing.

We help people from all walks of life to get the vans they need. With that in mind, you can be sure that:

  • Our application process is simple. Applying for used van financing is easy and convenient.
  • We have no hidden costs. We will explain all terms and conditions in the contract up front. That way, you do not have to worry about getting surprise fees charged to your bank account. We will only offer a price that you can afford to pay back.
  • We are trusted and responsible lenders. We help thousands of people get back on the road. These people include self-employed workers and people with low credit scores.

Do People With A Bad Credit Rating Have To Pay More In The Long Run?

There may be instances where people with poor credit histories get higher interest rates. The van they choose, the length of the payment plan, and the size of the deposit also affect the total payment.

However, we acknowledge that everyone’s situations are unique and different. As such, we will thoroughly review and check through your application. If you are approved, we can create a personalized financing play that will suit your circumstances.

Contact Us About Poor Credit Van Financing Today

Having a poor credit history should not be an obstacle to owning a vehicle. Contact or visit us today so that we may talk about your options and see if Used Van Finance Deals can get you the vehicle that suits your needs.