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Van Credit for Bad Credit with Used Van Finance Deals

If you know your credit score is low, or you’ve just found the perfect van at the perfect price only to be told you have poor credit, van finance might seem completely out of reach. At Used Van Finance Deals, we believe that you shouldn’t be stopped from getting a high-quality, used van just because your credit score is low. We make leasing vans with bad credit not just possible, but easy. With Used Van Finance Deals’ van credit for bad credit, you can get one of over 50,000 vans right away, with no deposit and no guarantor.

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Causes of Bad Credit when Looking for a New Vehicle

There are several reasons why your credit rating may not be sufficient to get the finance deal you want. The most common are:

  • Late payments: Payment history makes up 35% of a person’s credit score, so late bills, rent, credit card or even mobile phone payments can add up to a bad credit score
  • Bankruptcy filing: If you’ve had to file for bankruptcy you are probably aware that it severely affects your credit score
  • Charge-offs: Having a creditor decide that your debt is unlikely to be collected makes it much more difficult to get van finance
  • Defaulting on loans: As van leasing is a type of loan, previous defaults affect your score
  • Collection accounts: When creditors are unable to get the money from a borrower, they can use third parties to enforce the collection process, which is captured in a credit report

Things in your past can make it unfairly difficult to secure van leasing. Bad credit shouldn’t be the reason you are stuck with a van that constantly breaks down or uses too much fuel to be economical, and because of this Used Van Finance Deals offer great bad credit van hire solutions.

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Denied Van Financing as a Self-Employed Person

If you are self-employed you may have been refused used van finance because of bad credit, even if none of the above applies. Being self-employed doesn’t mean your credit score is bad, but having no guaranteed regular income can make it more difficult to convince lenders that you are a stable borrower. If you are struggling to find a finance deal, consider our bad credit van finance. With no deposit, it makes it easy to get the vehicle you need for your business.

Hire Purchase Vans for those with Bad Credit

At Used Van Finance Deals, we believe in providing solutions not problems, so our bad credit van hire is available to anyone. Rent-to-buy – also called hire purchase – means you get access to one of our top-quality used vans immediately, while only paying a small and manageable amount each week. Our bad credit van leasing comes with no deposit requirement so you avoid the upfront costs of buying a new van. Hire purchase vans, bad credit or otherwise means that each payment you make is deducted from the total cost of the vehicle. Once you have paid the entire cost, the van is yours to keep.

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Bad credit van leasing with no deposit or guarantor

Being turned down for vans on finance because of bad credit can be heartbreaking on its own, but being told you are unable to get a vehicle without a sizeable deposit or respectable guarantor can quickly make it worse. At Used Van Finance Deals, we offer bad credit van leasing with no deposit. There’s no need to worry about upfront costs, you just make one simple, manageable payment at a time. A side-clause of this arrangement is that it also gives you flexibility – you can return the van at the end of a rental period for any reason.

When it comes to finding van finance with bad credit, having no guarantor requirements makes it even easier for you. Getting the right van for your needs is as easy as choosing the van you want and getting it! There’s no need to despair if you have bad credit, used van financing with us makes it quick and easy to get the right vehicle.

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100% Ownership at the end of the Agreement

With bad credit, van hire can be the best option. Rather than a costly standard van rental, Used Van Finance Deals lets you rent-to-buy the van, with each rental payment going towards the total cost of the vehicle. Once the final payment is made, the vehicle is completely yours, so not only is renting-to-buy through Used Van Finance Deals cheaper than a regular van rental, at the end you are the owner. That means by choosing one of our 50,000 high-quality van models you can get a vehicle that will last you far beyond the final payment.

The Full Range of Vehicles Available

Helping you get a new vehicle is our business. Van finance with bad credit can be daunting, but at Used Van Finance Deals, bad credit does not limit your options. You get access to the same range of vans – over 50,000 vehicles – as you would if you had good credit so it’s easy to find the right vehicle. Get in touch with us at Used Van Finance Deals today to see what we can offer for your credit rating. We’ll give you the best options for leasing vans with bad credit and help you find a great vehicle in no time.

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