Upgrade on a Dime: Affordable Tech Add-ons for Your Used Van

You’ve just bought your dream van, but it now needs a few upgrades so it has everything you need. The good news is that tech add-ons and other items don’t have to cost a lot. You can upgrade your van on a budget without the need to spend loads of cash.

This article will highlight a few upgrade ideas that you can do at minimal cost to you, helping transform your used van into your dream machine.

Van lighting accessories

You want your van’s interior to be well-lit, a single overhead light just doesn’t cut it. Adding additional interior lighting can be quite easy and doesn’t necessarily have to be hard-wired to the electrical system, although that’s certainly an option as well.

For a wireless option, you can purchase LED lighting that runs on batteries; either replaceable or rechargeable. These lights can be white or coloured and will really boost the lighting levels inside your van. LED lights are very energy-efficient so they won’t drain the batteries too quickly.

To boost your exterior lighting, consider having spotlights or fog lamps installed. These will need to be connected to your vehicle’s electrical system by an auto electrician.

Cordless vacuum

You’ll no doubt want to keep your van clean at all times and a simple way to tidy up a mess in between regular detailing is by having a cordless vacuum cleaner handy. Spill some food or get sand in your van from a day at the beach, simply break out your little vacuum cleaner and suck up the mess.

These compact little units don’t cost much and are more powerful than they look. Some models have a rechargeable battery, while others plug directly into your van’s cigarette lighter socket. With a cordless vacuum on hand in your van, it will always look fresh and clean.

GPS tracker

Unfortunately, vans sometimes get stolen, so it’s wise to equip your vehicle with a GPS tracking device. Using a smartphone app or an app for your laptop, you’ll be able to pinpoint your van’s location at all times. GPS trackers are also very handy for the police, enabling them to track down your van’s whereabouts, apprehend the thief and return your van to you.

There are numerous types of discreet GPS tracking devices you can buy, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs within your budget.

Solar kit and power bank

If you plan to deck out your van for travelling, install solar panels that store power in a high-capacity power bank. Having solar power will boost your van’s livability factor, and you can run all your chargers, gadgets and small appliances from the power stored in the power bank. This solar setup is quite easy to install and will allow you to travel off grid for days or weeks at a time.

12-volt cooler

This is a very handy addition regardless of whether you primarily use your van for work, leisure or travel. Just plug it in and the cooler will keep your drinks icy cold and your food fresh. Aside from running it off the van’s battery, you can run your cooler on solar power instead, saving on precious fuel.

Cable clips

These are simple yet useful little devices. These plastic clips stick onto your dashboard or console and keep all your cables, such as phone chargers, within handy reach. There’s no need to take your eyes off the road or to pull over to plug in a device. The cable clips also keep everything looking tidy and well organised.

Pocket-sized Tile Mate

What is a Tile Mate? Well, it’s a small electronic device that basically works like a tracker for things like keys and other items that can be easily misplaced. The small square device attaches to your item of choice, and when you can’t find it, simply call the Tile Mate from an app on your smartphone, and the device will ring, guiding you to the location of your keys etc.

Power inverter

If you want a way to be able to run small domestic household appliances in your van and run them from your vehicle’s battery, you’ll need a power inverter to do so. These inverters are powerful enough to operate small devices but may struggle to run something demanding like power tools. A power inverter is handy if you don’t opt for the solar power with power bank option.

Rear parking sensors

You can readily fit aftermarket rear parking sensors to take the guesswork out of parking or reversing your van. Reversing alarms for larger vans are also very useful. Your parking sensors will alert you if you’re getting too close to an object and also let you know if you’re parked far enough away from an obstacle so you’ll be able to open the rear doors.

USB car charger kit

This is super simple to install, as it directly plugs into your van’s cigarette lighter socket. Small and compact, you’ll usually have two USB charging ports at your disposal, making it convenient to charge your mobile phone or other devices while on the go.

USB rechargeable clip-on fan

Stay cool in your van without always having to run the air conditioner. Simply buy and install a small, portable fan that runs on its own battery power and is charged via a USB cable. A charge lasts between 6 to 24 hours, depending on usage, and the fan easily clips onto your dashboard or the grills on your air vents.

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