Used Vans for Tradespeople: Choosing the Ideal Vehicle for Your Business Needs

When it comes to the best vans for tradespeople, there is an overwhelming selection to choose from, and making a final decision can be a challenge. The team at Used Van Finance Deals have put their collective heads together to write a brief article that will hopefully make choosing your next van a little easier.

Van Size

The nature of your business will usually determine what size van best meets your needs, so we’ll start with the obvious and list the most popular van sizes:

  • Large Vans
  • Medium Vans
  • Small Vans
  • Tipper and dropside Vans
  • Pick-up trucks

Out of this selection, you can probably ascertain one that will meet your needs. There are also many more we could have listed but these are the most popular.

Best Vans by Trade/Area of Business

No article would be complete without referencing the right van for tradesmen of all descriptions, so we’ll list a few occupations/trades that people commonly associate with a van. Please note, this is our take on it, you may have a totally different view on what type of van is best for your requirements.

  • Building Tradespeople – The archetypical builder’s van undergoes some pretty heavy use on a day-to-day basis, so needs to be robust and fit for purpose. Used to carry a wide range of tools, materials and heavy equipment, it must be more than capable of carrying a heavy load safely and securely. Access is also an important consideration for ease of loading and unloading. Sliding doors at the rear and side make these jobs significantly easier, much to the relief of the builders and labourers who need to be able to load and unload quickly. Recommended medium panel vans that should meet the average builder’s needs include the Volkswagen Transporter and the Citroen Dispatch. For bulkier loads such as plasterboards, the Ford Transit Tipper offers an even more robust option.
  • Couriers – The typical courier racks up thousands of miles a month, so the van of choice must be reliable above all else. A courier’s van also needs to be relatively quick, with good fuel economy and an advanced racking system to ensure goods remain in pristine condition. Notable vans utilised by couriers up and down the UK include the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which is useful for transporting bulky goods or the Volkswagen Caddy for smaller-sized deliveries.
  • Plumbers – Plumbers need to be ready for any type of situation, from leaky taps that need a new washer to transporting brand-new gas heating systems, so picking a van that can comfortably accommodate all manner of tools and equipment is essential. Types of vans recommended for plumbers include box vans and large panel vans with a medium wheelbase. As for specific van models, the Fiat Ducato, the Citroen Relay and the ever-popular Ford Transit are all good choices.
  • Electricians – Although the equipment and materials utilised by electricians are not as bulky as a builder’s load, the van will still need ample space to transport large items such as reels of wire and electrical hardware. They may also need dedicated smaller sections for the safe storage of small but essential fittings such as fuses and switches.
  • Other Sectors – There are a whole host of other areas of work where the van is king and these include everything from event organisers to commercial caterers to pet kennels. This list is almost infinite, but as a basic rule of thumb, if it doesn’t fit in a car, you need a van!

Customisation Options

Although many of the vans mentioned above are fit for purpose, some will almost always need some modification before they are put to work. A good example of a works van that will need customisation before it can be used as intended is an electrician’s van. The materials and equipment used by electricians can’t simply be tossed in a van like a shovel or bag of cement, they need specific spaces. Small items like fuses, switches and intricate tools need to be stored as they are stored in an electrical wholesaler, methodically. Arranging shelving and racks in a van isn’t particularly challenging and, in most cases, could be carried out by anyone with a modicum of DIY skills which no doubt the vast majority of electricians have. For bigger modifications, such as installing partitions for transporting animals, some assistance might be needed by a tradesman with prior experience, but on the whole, this will not break the bank.

Paying for your New Van

Not many people are able or willing to shell out a large amount of capital and buy a van outright, which is why many tradesmen take advantage of competitive used van finance deals in the UK. Providing you have a decent recent credit history, it’s possible to get a van, of almost any make or model, for a small deposit with affordable monthly payments. Of course, if you have excess capital and want to buy outright, that’s perfectly fine, but if you don’t, using van finance is a viable option. In comparison to bank loans, finance approval can be granted in as little as twenty fours and often the same day. If you have a poor credit history but need a van to start or continue running a business, rent-to-buy options are available.

Used Van Finance Experts

If you are looking for a van with a range of competitive finance options, Used Van Finance Deals can help. With over 200 vans available for finance, we are sure to have the right van for you, whether you’re a dog trainer, a florist or a self-employed courier. To get started, simply complete our online quick finance form, and we’ll get back to you faster than a Volkswagen Caddy after the day’s last delivery. If you need any further information or would like to learn more about our terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.